4 Keys to Airdrie's Future

What Will Airdrie be Known For?

Airdrie is MORE than just a bedroom community of Calgary

      Airdrie Net Zero Initiative  &  Policies for Green Building

      Vertical (Tulip) Turbines 

       Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

       Solar sidewalks, bike paths, and roads

       Geothermal Subdivisions

Health Matters

Keeping Community Health and Wellness a Top Priority


Thriving Communities

Creating More Multi-layered Options and Value-Added Opportunities for Airdrie's Communities to Connect, Flourish and Endure

  • Creating a Youth Council for local teens that can help to advise and collaborate with the city regarding their needs, and empower them to get involved, learn how municipal governance works and affects them, and develop skills that will carry them forward in life

    • this can be developed in conjunction with the school board so teens can earn credits for their work and participation​

  • Engaging with developers and local organizations to bring senior, affordable, and emergency housing options to Airdrie

    • Can the Dutch model be an avenue to explore for Airdrie seniors with layers of independent, semi-independent, long-term and hospice care options?

  • Fostering, facilitating, and promoting events and community initiatives that increase social interaction and understanding to greater strengthen and unify the bonds between Airdronians

    • Programming such as The Human Library to help residents learn about each other and strengthen community compassion and understanding

    • Community Gardens​ supported by volunteers and the City together 

    • Opportunities to learn from local experts and practitioners

    • Encouraging more local athletic tourism, arts, culture, and ceremonial events that utilize the Nose Creek Park amphitheater, Bert Church Theatre, Main Street, Genesis Place, the new Public Library, and other locations around the city

Assets and Infrastructure

Improving What We Have and Planning for the Future

  • Should we focus on elements of a SMART city? Such as: 

    • Addressing gaps in transit access, routing, and availability, with a focus on Airdrie's youth, seniors, and disabled citizens

    • Strategizing methods to increase utilization of Airdrie's existing amenities and integrating infrastructure projects such as transportation, energy, housing etc. to support this

    • Working with developers to maintain Airdrie's use of green infrastructure and unique park spaces in new communities to optimize climate resilience and outdoor recreation options through green building policies

    • Computer, internet, programming, and other technology literacy programs available to residents of all ages and abilities at the library

  • Exploring alternative connections to Calgary and the airport via bike path and direct transit routes

    • Alternative East and West Airdrie arteries into Calgary as our city's population continues to grow

  • Initiating planning and funding strategies for new and existing municipal assets as well as infrastructure replacement/expansion as Airdrie ages and grows (roads, water, sewer, power, storm water etc.)

  • Continuing to prioritize Airdrie's Downtown Revitalization goals in coordination with a greater future vision for the City as a whole (See Above: What will Airdrie be known for?)

    • Keeping Airdrie's new library accountable to resident feedback for amenity directives and integrate the identity residents want the city to be known for​ to maximize usage, revenue, opportunity, and inclusivity 

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