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October 18, 2021

6:30am to 8pm



Municipal governance is a TEAM SPORT. No one person can get everything done, have all the answers, or shoulder all of the responsibility when plans don't unfold as desired. Encouraging and expecting otherwise is an exercise in disappointment and broken trust. I believe that this disconnect has contributed to the increasing disengagement of voters. As a result, Airdrie's 2017 election saw only 10,976 voters turnout, approximately 24% of eligible residents. If the same number of votes were cast this coming October, it would mean slightly less than 15% of Airdrie's population would be deciding who represents all of YOU. 

NOW is the time to have YOUR VOICE heard!! Without a clear vision for the future, it is impossible to carve the path to get there. Having the opportunity to be a part of creating the future vision for Airdrie is one of the primary reasons I am running for City Council.



Along with Mayoral candidate Lindsey Coyle and other Council candidates in this year's election, I will be working toward increasing voter engagement so that we can double voter turnout and have a greater diversity of lived experiences sitting in Council seats! Keep your eye out for all of us and don't be afraid to say hello and have a conversation!! 

Check out my 'About' and 'Platform' pages to learn a little more about me and what I can bring to the table for Airdrie, so that YOU can make the most informed choice that best represents your interests on election day.